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Announcing my first book: NEW GODS AND MONSTERS

I’m immensely happy to announce I have sold my first book. New Gods and Monsters will be published by Daily Grail Publishing next summer. Here’s the pitch: “To a new world of gods and monsters!’ -Dr. Pretorius, in The Bride Of … Continue reading

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Catch-up: Speaking on Fandom, Religion, Robert Anton Wilson

Been a while since I updated, and a fair bit happened in the interim… (and I’m not even mentioning the many splendid gigs I went to!). The last 5 weeks were especially busy. The end of July had a personal first: … Continue reading

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Sisters – A Thought Experiment

Imagine there are three sisters. Identical triplets. Each of them shares a passionate enthusiasm for occult mysticism, and has had more than one mystical experience (an Unverified Personal Gnosis, if you will) with a godform. As a result, each has … Continue reading

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Building Character, part 1 – Character Sheet

“…state my assumptions.” – Darren Aronofsky, Pi.   All of my writing, from my earliest diary notes to Guttershaman and beyond are, at heart, an attempt to explain & justify my perspective of the world to others in a coherent … Continue reading

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Putting the mockers on

I have to smile when The Economist agrees with me… in an opinion piece about the awful UN resolution regarding ‘defamation of religion’, they say:  The resolution says “defamation of religions” is a “serious affront to human dignity” which can … Continue reading

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Mocking the king, not the subjects

I’ve made it clear before that though I think that mockery and satire are a good and necessary thing, but only when applied upwards – by the relatively powerless to the powerful. Mockery by the strong of the weak is … Continue reading

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Cullenism – every generation gets the religion it deserves?

Now I’m hardly one to complain about people drawing on fiction as a basis for their spirituality. But… A cult of devotees has sprung up based on the teen-vampire-porn-without-the-sex Twilight books. Blogger (and fan of the series) Amanda Bell writes: … Continue reading

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American Fascism and the Divine Feminine

Two pieces of note: Gary Lachman appears to have suddenly discovered Dominionist Xtianity… actually, it’s a good and thoughtful piece, not only about the influence of mysticism on politics but also how he tries to synthesize past and future in … Continue reading

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Guttershaman – Meanings and Patterns, part 1

“The trouble with humans is, we’re all too symbol-minded.” Jolane Abrams. What do I mean when I say that I’m a magician? What is magic, anyway? And what kind of person goes around believing in it these modern days? Definitions … Continue reading

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Choose your superstition wisely…

Been on a bit of a blogging hiatus, but this is too good to ignore… Birmingham (UK) city council has blocked its staff from looking at some religious websites, but not others: Lawyers at the National Secular Society said the … Continue reading

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