The Woo, the How and the Why

January 13, 2009

‘ I’ve long been interested in “Occam’s Razor” — the scientific maxim that maintains that all things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the correct one. But who gets the honor of defining “simple”? It’s a lot like Carl Sagan’s “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” What, exactly, is “extraordinary”? “Extraordinary” to who? Are […]


Past rants – People of the Book, People of Books

May 26, 2008

This second rant, from 6 April 2006, is a good example of how I write, in that it’s got swearing and a certain degree of exasperation. But it comes from a good place, I hope… People of the Book, People of Books Or, Cat makes yet another attempt to explain the multi-model approach to belief. […]


Past rants – 'Stories'

May 26, 2008

Best way to give an idea of what sort of thing you’re likely to find here is to put up a few of my older LJ posts. This is first in a loose series where I am trying to get a handle on the role myth, stories and metaphor has on us – and what […]