Psychic Warfare from 1981-2008

January 11, 2009

An interesting post on Brainsturbator, on US Military Psi research and brain change. The year I was born, in 1981, the US Government decided magick was real.  Well, the “US Government” is of course an abstraction—specifically, Congressional Research Service was commissioned to do a report on psychic phenomena and offered the following conclusion: “Recent experiments […]


Gyrus interviews Harpur

November 20, 2008

My old mate Gyrus just posted his interview with the excellent Fortean hermeticist Patrick Harpur, author of Daemonic Reality and Mercurius (the latter of which he also reviews). Here’s a snippet: Gyrus: The threefold division of ‘body, soul & spirit’, as opposed to the dualistic mind/body model so common in our culture, seems central to […]


Guttershaman – Meanings and Patterns, part 2. The Nature of Reality, and other short subjects

August 14, 2008

Before I get started, many thanks to those who commented on the series so far. Special thanks to my old mate Gyrus, for pointing out the work of Ramsey Dukes to me. Dukes is one of those writers I never quite got around to reading until recently… and as one of the direct influences on […]


Choose your superstition wisely…

July 29, 2008

Been on a bit of a blogging hiatus, but this is too good to ignore… Birmingham (UK) city council has blocked its staff from looking at some religious websites, but not others: Lawyers at the National Secular Society said the move by Birmingham City Council was “discriminatory” and they would consider legal action. The rules […]


Fortean twosome

July 4, 2008

Firstly, noting the death of Lyall Watson, author of Supernatural (and my favourite of his work, Gifts of Unknown Things), aged 69. A true pioneer. Also this… faceless ‘aliens’ at Wimbledon. Clearly someone’s gone to a lot of trouble over this. Is it a viral marketing bit? A little Operation Mindfuck action? The Anonymous crew […]