It Gets Better – if you make it so

November 24, 2010

Two things… A quick plug for my review of the Grant Morrison – Talking With Gods film, which is up at But more importantly, this: Of all the many videos that have come along as a result of the It Gets Better campaign, many of which were moving and well-intentioned, this is the one […]


New – Mason Lang, fuckyeahconsciousness

November 15, 2010

A couple of bits of news… The first part of my long-threatened look at movies, memes and such went live at Weaponizer last week. The Mason Lang Film Club is going to start by looking at the “Your Reality isn’t Real” boom of 1998-9, which gave us films like Dark City, The Truman Show and […]


Back in Black (and Blue)

November 6, 2010

Here’s why there’s been such a gap since last post, why writing’s taking ages generally and… well. A big part of why I’m me, really… I get shy about remarkably few things. I’ll happily tell tales of wild sexual exploits and magical combat engagements, as true as I can (some of those stories get… involved.) […]