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“Politics is the art of reconciling aspirations.” Bruce Sterling, Distraction Election day begins. And, for the first time in the 28 years I have been eligible to do so, I am going to vote. I always vowed that I would … Continue reading

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Me? Being geeky?? Well I never…

Yes, I’m tinkering with my kit again. (Insert crude innuendo here.) Despite my delight in my iPhone, there’s just some things it doesn’t do. Like offer some choice in the little things – like what noise it makes when you … Continue reading

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Guttershaman, "…of Jedi and jail"

So, like I was saying earlier – this Jedi walks into a Job Centre… Because it’s a British Job Centre and we’re the proud world leaders in intrusive CCTV surveillence, the staff ask our hero to lower his hood. (Of … Continue reading

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