Mason Lang on film

July 24, 2009

Two interesting posts on the relationship between movies and religion recently leads me to remind folks of the splendid character Mason Lang in The Invisibles. This quasi-Bruce-Wayne figure, partly as a result of an early experience with non-ordinary reality (which he perceived originally as a classic alien abduction scenario) grew up a little… odd. Lang, […]


Playing catchup

July 17, 2009

Been a while since I actually posted anything original or updated on what I’m up to. Life getting in the way of blogging… The latest Guttershaman has – finally! – reached the ‘sit down and write me’ stage, after much research. (Writing about the mysteries of the occult – pretty much second nature to me. […]


In Memoriam – John A Keel

July 6, 2009

When I was a boy, I read an awful lot of shite books about Fortean matters. I ploughed through Erich von Daniken, dodgy tomes about the Bermuda Triangle and witchcraft and Earth mysteries. Like Stephen King described the process of reading/watching bad horror stories, I was prospecting through mud, seeking those few glimmers of gold. […]