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Slumbering Albion – Philip Pullman, liberty and censorship

Philip Pullman has written a splendid and passionate rant, called “Malevolent Voices that Despise Our Freedoms”, about the way Britain is sliding into a state of passivity against governmental control. “To mark the Convention on Modern Liberty, the children’s author … Continue reading

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"a nicer fundamentalism"

I’ve mentioned here before that I find reading opinions that differ from mine to be stimulating. Of course, sometimes the thought stimulated is “this person is a fucking idiot”. Such a person is Paul Spinrad. In a guest blog post … Continue reading

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Thought for the day

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Absent brain matter – a follow-up

Some commentators took issue with an earlier post of mine in which I referred to people whose brains are all-but nonexistant, but who are still functional people. Here’s a clear example of the phenomenon I described, complete with CT/MRI pictures.  … Continue reading

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HaHaHa… a little irony for UK's snooping Home Secretary

There’s something about getting a political gig that, er, alters the moral flexibility of the recipient. The position of Home Secretary to Her Majesty’s Government seems to have an especially swift half-life for becoming a totalitarian dickhead. Frankly, the (never) … Continue reading

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Making a mockery

“Censorship, like charity, should begin at home. Unlike charity, it should stay there.” – Dorothy Parker So the new song by Amanda Palmer has been refused air play by every TV and radio network in the UK. It’s been described … Continue reading

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Clown doctors – the cheery menace

You see the oddest things in Waitrose sometimes… Yep – packets of rice crackers with clown doctors on ’em. A charity in Australia , it seems, to provide unrelenting terror to the lives of already ill children. The horror. Still, … Continue reading

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