Gyrus interviews Harpur

November 20, 2008

My old mate Gyrus just posted his interview with the excellent Fortean hermeticist Patrick Harpur, author of Daemonic Reality and Mercurius (the latter of which he also reviews). Here’s a snippet: Gyrus: The threefold division of ‘body, soul & spirit’, as opposed to the dualistic mind/body model so common in our culture, seems central to […]


Normal services will be resumed…

November 2, 2008

Life got a little in the way recently, hence the lack of posts. The next Guttershaman is coming, slowly, but needs a little more fermentation. I am pleased and honoured to note that the first two Guttershaman articles have been republished over at Rending The Veil, my favourite occult webzine. Many thanks to Sheta Kaey […]